Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trade #1- One Philly fan to another

Jeltz didn't last very long on the open market. The first offer happens to be the first trade of hopefully many.

Here's the deal:

Comments: This is a HUGE upgrade on the Jeltz. Abreu was possibly one of the three greatest OFers in Phillies franchise history. Richie Ashburn is our all-time CF, probably throw Chuck Klein in LF, and Bobby in RF, if I was putting the team together.

And I just got his 1995 Best minor league rookie card- Graded an impressive 9 by the fine folks of USAsportscards.com, no less. This is a very, very generous offer- one I'm happy to trade on. Thank you Jim!!! Please do enjoy your 1986 Topps Steve Jeltz- it is a special, little worthless piece of cardbord.

And thanks to you for checking out the site- their will be gradual improvements as I learn the art of the blog- please do bear with me.

And keep sending those offers!!!!

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MMayes said...

I'd suggest giving some consideration to Gavvy Cravath as an outfielder on your all-time Philly team. He was the single season and career HR leader in the modern era (post 1900)until George Herman Ruth came along. He had a lifetime OPS+ of 151 (100 is average player; Abreu 134, G.H. Ruth 207, Bonds 182). Abreu is a great player, but Cravath was THE power guy of his day.