Thursday, October 1, 2009

Joba for Jackie: Pudgy for a Pioneer

A new trade- woo hoo!!!

It's been a little while since i last was able to post a new transaction- and there are a couple of reasons for that: bad offers, and a baby boy!

Let me start by posting a picture of our little pride and joy:

Little Aidan was a Phillies fan back when he was in the womb, and he heard his daddy screaming for joy when the Phillies won the World Series back in October :)

Anyway, back to the trade- Jeff C. from Saratogo Springs, NY saw the blog, and made an offer on the Joba Chamberlain card that I couldn't resist:

A 1956 Topps Jackie Robinson!!!

This is a gorgeous card of one of the greatest and most important players to ever lace up spikes. I love this particular card- the 1956 set includes a great action shot of Jackie sliding home in the backgroud behind his portrait. Just a spectacular card!

As if that wasn't enough, Jeff C. also included eight 1954 & 1955 Bowman Football cards, including Hall of famer Joe Perry:

Finally, he also included Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson's 2007 Topps Total rookie card:

So thank you Jeff for doing your best to "Trade me a better card" or in this case, cards :)

And I look forward to the next deal- it's amazing that we've come this far from the starting of 1986 Topps Steve Jeltz- I hope we can continue to get closer to the grand goal- T206 Honus Wagner (which in turn will serve as a nice little down payment on that house in Santa Barbara, CA).

Just a reminder, the tally of cards that are available for deal (either as a group, or individually) are:

1956 Topps Jackie Robinson
1994 Fleer Update Alex Rodriguez Rookie (graded 8.5)
2005 Bowman Refractor Justin Verlander Rookie Autograph
2007 Bowman Sterling Evan Longoria/ Carl Crawford Dual Refractor Autograph /199
2005 Bowman Heritage Jonathan Papelbon Autograph card
2005 Upper Deck Team USA Clayton Kershaw Dual Autograph card
2007 Topps Total Adrian Peterson Rookie
(8) 1954 & 1955 Bowman Football cards, including HOF Joe Perry

Keep sending in those deal offers!

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