Thursday, September 18, 2008

Phillies 4 Me Crossover Deal- WOW- Great, New Cards Added!!!

Thanks to poster "FTN" on Back She Goes (Mr. FTN is from Silver Spring, MD), I just increased the value of cards I'm able to deal BIG TIME!

For a collection of Phillies stars and popular 80's/90's stars, I received the following 5 PREMIUM autographed cards!!!

2005 Upper Deck Team USA Clayton Kershaw Dual Autograph card

Kershaw is the Dodgers phenom who surprised everyone by landing in the majors this past year. Clayton is definitely an ace in the making material, and this Team USA card will certainly only increase in value over time.

2005 Bowman Heritage Jonathan Papelbon Autograph card

Papelbon is a superstar closer for the Red Sox, and this is an early issue autograph for the great closer.

2007 Bowman Sterling Evan Longoria/ Carl Crawford Dual Refractor Autograph /199

The Rays are hot, and everyone loves the uberprospect turned all-star Evan Longoria. This card features not only his autograph, but also an autograph of toolsy speedster Carl Crawford. If the Rays win the World Series, this numbered card will be at a premium.

2005 Bowman Refractor Justin Verlander Autograph

Verlander is the former No-hit artist, viewed by many as one of the top young arms in the American League. This rookie card is a rare, limited number issue autograph will continue to increase in value the longer this ace improves.

Finally, the biggie:

2007 Bowman Refractor Joba Chamberlain Autograph

Chamberlain is probably the hottest thing on cardboard right now, and this is the best card that is out there for him. This is his autographed, low-numbered rookie card.

So all these cards, along with the 1994 Fleer Update Alex Rodriguez Rookie Card (graded 8.5 by BGS), are available as a package, and I'd love to see what might be dealt that can top this package of all-star rookies and autographs.

Let those offers roll in! I'm happy to be creative with what I'll accept- without getting too specific on $ value, there are several hundred dollars worth of cards that are currently available.

Remember, these cards are only going in a deal where I'm getting the clear, better return in trade.

This deal is a result of a crossover of both my blogs- FTN, who was so VERY kind to make this deal, decided he had these premium cards, and all he wanted in return was some Phillies cards, in his own words "save the valuable stuff to trade for other good cards. I just want the novelty guys like Ricky Jordan, my hero". I couldn't help but include some fun Phillies hall of famers and rookie along with the novelty cards- see my post on Phillies 4 Me to see what Phillies package that I'll be sending along to Mr. FTN.


Jay Ballz said...

Wow! That's quite a group of cards.

Good luck!

The sewingmachineguy said...

How's this work? I would like the Verlander. thanks.

Brandonmpsu said...

Sewingmachineguy- make me an offer an offer I can't say no to. I'm a fan of older cards, so those are always welcome...